FEMA Disaster Assistance Also Available for Renters

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

Misinformation is causing some tornado victims not to apply — for the disaster recovery assistance that they need.

FEMA officials want to dispel the misconception that the organization only provides assistance to homeowners.

“It is not only homeowners. Renters can come here to apply, ” said FEMA spokesman Issa Mansaray.

“If you are impacted by this January 12th tornado and storm disaster, please come to FEMA. FEMA is here to help you. You can also apply for lodging assistance and for housing assistance as a renter,” he said.

Wal Femarenters PkgThe January 12th tornado cut a 23 mile path of destruction through the city. Hundreds of houses were damaged impacting thousands of people.

“We had a rough estimate of 255 homes that were destroyed. And an estimate of 300, over 360 homes that received major damage,” said Dallas Co. EMA Director Toya Stiles Crusoe.

Ezell Carter says the roof on the house he rents was damaged by the tornado. And while he knows he’s much better off than a lot of other tornado victims — he still needs help to recover.

“Our whole roof — we have a lot of damage, just water damage. You know the inside like you see water coming down the walls. So like all the ceiling needs to be redone over in there cause all the water done came through,” said Carter.

“As long as you have been impacted by this disaster please come and apply,” said Mansaray.

“If you don’t come to apply nobody will know about your problem.”

For more information about programs available for anyone impacted by the January 12th tornado — call 1-800- 621-3362.

Access to disaster help and resources are also available online — at disaster assistance.gov.

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