Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed Issues Statement Regarding Audio Recording

Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed – File Photo

Late Monday, Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed responded to audio recordings of him that were posted to the internet in which he used profane language in discussing several issues.

This is the mayor’s statement, in its entirety:

“There is an audio clip that features me speaking privately with a member of the Montgomery community. This clip has been heavily edited and features carefully selected sound bites of my voice.  The conversation was recorded without my knowledge or consent by this community member almost three years ago.

The meeting with this community member was prompted by our concerns about civil unrest in the immediate aftermath of the death of George Floyd.  During this meeting, it became abundantly clear to me that this individual sought personal financial gain during a time of crisis in our city, state, and country. You have my word that no one in my administration will ever give in to a shakedown or extortion.

The mission of our administration is to bring more opportunity to each and every resident while making sure that Montgomery’s success is their success.  As Mayor, I will continue working tirelessly for our citizens and not let distractions keep us from doing the business of the City.

I will be meeting with the media tomorrow to discuss this matter further.”

In one audio clip, posted to YouTube by an account called “Montgomery Deserves Better,” Reed says the following:

“I can come smile. I don’t (expletive) have to do no (expletive) work. I don’t have to do no work systemically, and I’m going to be fine. And guess what. I will always get 38 to 45% of the white vote. If I got 30 to 45% of the white vote, I don’t (expletive) have to (expletive) get the Black vote I got this past election and I’ll (expletive) win.”

“You got Black city, that’s great. You can have all Black everything and guess what. You won’t have green nothing if white, if the white money thinks that you aren’t looking after their (expletive), they will take their (expletive) to Prattville, they will take their (expletive) to Pike Road, and you won’t have (expletive).”


There are other clips posted elsewhere on the internet. In those clips, the same audio is heard of Reed appearing to criticize Maxwell Gunter Air Force Base, saying he doesn’t know anybody there except for the people he has to meet as mayor.

In a third clip, he is heard saying that when he goes on TV, he has people calling from New York or Los Angeles saying they want to invest in Montgomery.

Both of those clips also contain profane language.

Reed has not said who he was speaking to or how it was connected to the death of George Floyd.

Reed is the first Black mayor in Montgomery’s history. He was first elected in 2019 and is seeking re-election this year. The city election is in August.

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