Pay It Forward: Renae Williams of Selma

Renae Williams is a much loved teacher at Keith High School.
We’re told Ms. Williams is always there for her students whether helping in monetary ways or just being a second mom.

“I can not believe this and it came at a great time. I’ve been through so much these last two and half years. This is just my winning season must be back on track. Thank you,” said Williams.

Ronesha Collins tells us why she nominated Ms. Williams.

“I nominated Ms. Williams because, like I said, she has been through so much these last couple of years.  She’s always going out of her way to help the next person especially the kids. She’s the godparent to my next to oldest and my one-year-old. It’s not a time that I call her that she don’t come running. So I had to do something special for her,” said Collins.

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