Pay It Forward: Maurice and Lequita Carter of Valley Grande

Maurice and Lequita Carter both have a unique gift: a heart to serve the youth in their community.

“We just both got a gift for kids. We done got to the point now on Sunday the kids leave their parents and come sit with us. And I go sit on another row back because we have so many kids over there. It’s just been our passion and what we’ve been anointed to do,” said Maurice.

“I think for me, for both of us, just a heart’s desire to serve the community and for me the best way to serve the community is to get back to the kids,” said Lequita.

In fact, they are both teachers in the Dallas County School system.
And youth leaders at their church.
When they aren’t there, they are still thinking about ways they can support the kids in the community.

“Even at church, they go out of their way to help the kids. It doesn’t matter what time or when or if somebody calls and says, ‘I don’t have a ride to get my child there.’ Do you know they never say no- ‘OK we’ll pick them up.’ It just amazes me to see and the kids love them. I say I wish I had that gift, but I don’t have that gift. but I admire them and give God the glory,” said Debbie King.


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