What the Tech? See New Emoji on iPhone iOS 16.4

By JAMIE TUCKER Consumer Technology Reporter

I’m sure, at some time, you didn’t have time to type out “hyacinth”, or “jellyfish”, or “hair pick” in a text message.

No? Well if that day ever comes you now have the option of using emojis.

In the new iOS 16.4 available to iPhones this week, there are nearly two dozen new emoji, including, jellyfish, goose, moose, peapod, ginger, donkey, and a folding hand fan. Those may not be that useful, but there are a few new emoji you might end up using frequently.

There’s the shaking face emoji which can mean confusion, disbelief, dizziness, or being in an earthquake. There are three new hearts. The pink, gray, and blue hearts all mean the same thing but only in different colors.

There are different skin tones for a set of pushing hands. These could be used for a high five, or to say “talk to the hand, cause the face ain’t listening”.

Like other emojis, these can be used with others to give an entirely new meaning. I used both the right and left-pushing hands emoji and placed the emoji for blast or explosion in between so it looks as though you’re sharing a very powerful high-five.

You can also emphasize emoji characters by using the “send with flair” option. Apparently, only power texters know about this iPhone and iPad feature. Tap out your text or emoji and hold down the send arrow. You’ll see options to send it as an animation such as ‘loud’ or “Slam”.

There’s also an option to send the text or emoji in a full-screen animation with a spotlight, confetti, balloons, fireworks, or a laser. This is very cool and anytime I’ve used it the person I send it to responds with the “wow” emoji. Go ahead and give it a try sometime.

If you struggle to understand the meaning of emoji and when to use one, just type out your message and hold down the emoji icon on the keyboard. It’ll highlight words in the text for which there are emojis.

Tap each highlighted word and it will be replaced with the appropriate emoji.

You’ll find the new emoji when you update to iOS 16.4, or when they roll out to Android devices.


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