Pay It Forward: Lea Tidmore of Selma


Lea Tidmore is the manager at The Epworth House, an affordable housing community for seniors. The residents say she is always looking out for them.

“Yes, because she does a lot around here to help the residents in doing stuff and she make sure she checks on us,” said Melissa Buster. “She’s good, you know, sometimes she even does breakfast for us. Sometimes I make it, sometimes I don’t. But through it all, she does care about the residents out here,” said Buster.

For Tidmore, it’s about what she feels in her heart to do.

“I just love to do stuff for people, you know, it’s why I come to work every day. I mean my job is kind of mission oriented anyway, but I love it and that’s why I’m here. We are supposed to let our light shine to others to glorify God,” said Tidmore.

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