Dadeville Community Vigil Held after Mass Shooting at Birthday Party


Dadeville First Baptist Church held a community prayer vigil after the mass shooting that killed four people and injured at least 28 others.

The vigil was at the parking lot of the church at 5PM Sunday. The entire community was invited.

As WAKA 8 has reported, the shooting happened at a teenager’s birthday party late Saturday night. Crime scene tape can be seen on Broadnax Street around the Mahogany Masterpiece Dance Studio and neighboring buildings.

First Baptist Church Pastor Ben Hayes, who serves as the chaplain for the Dadeville Police Department and for the local high school football team, said most of the victims are teenagers.

“One of the young men that was killed was one of our star athletes and just a great guy. So I knew many of these students. Dadeville is a small town and this is going to affect everybody in this area,” Hayes said.

“This is our second prayer visual for today,” Teneeshia Johnson, a participant, said. “I’m thinking that, you know, the weeks ahead, we’re gonna do the same thing. We can’t pray one or two times and think that things are going to be okay, but we’re going to be there for the children in whatever capacity is needed. I understand that counselors will be available on hand for the kids at school for tomorrow and just whatever they need us to do.”

Hayes told ABC News Sunday morning that he’d been at a hospital overnight with the families of those killed and injured.

He said family members told him gunfire erupted when tempers flared during an argument. Hayes said there were more than 50 people at the party when the shooting occurred.

A motive hasn’t been announced by law enforcement. It is not known if the shooter is in custody.

Stay with WAKA 8 for updates.



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