Tallapoosa County Schools Offer Grief Support to Students and Staff


As students and faculty return to school and work in the Tallapoosa school system administrators prepare for the mental and emotional aspects of that return as they face a new set of challenges.. brought on by Saturday’s mass shooting, an incident that many would have believed impossible in our area.

Students returned to school with the knowledge that some of their number would never return again– Tallapoosa county administrators prepared to help their student body with emotional support by creating a place for students and faculty to safely face the mental challenges left in the wake of Saturday night’s mass shooting. Providing counselors, mental health workers and clergy as they returned to school.

If you or someone you know is in need of help coping– the National Disaster Distress Helpline Provides Immediate Crisis Counseling to Those Affected by Mass Shootings that number is 1-800-985-5990

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