SAVING SELMA: Small Business the Focus of Federal Disaster Recovery after Tornado

SAVING SELMA: The city of Selma continues to pick up the pieces after the devastating tornado that tore a path of destruction through the city back in January.

The clean up and the rebuild — around the city are at various stages — for individuals — and for businesses.

At this point of the recovery process — on the ground federal disaster assistance — is mainly focused on helping small business.

Wal Sssbaworkshop PkgThe US Small Business Administration — and the Alabama Small Business Development Center at Alabama State University hosted a business development workshop to that end — at Wallace Community College Selma on Thursday.

“So, this is our Entrepreneurship 101,” said ASBDC Director Andrea Rogers Moseley.

“And our purpose of what we’re here today is to help small businesses providing them with information that they need to know. How to start their business, grow their business and thrive in their business.”

Information that Bernardo Juarez says he can definitely use. Juarez owns Potrillo Western Wear clothing store — near the Selma Mall. And he says — the tornado has definitely impacted his store.

“After the tornado you know it’s mostly customers are focused on doing they thing, building they own house, or paying some hotel. So they don’t have time to come and spend a little bit more,” said Juarez.

“So, typically when a disaster happens there’s not a disaster plan. There’s not a risk management plan that was in place to help them to rebuild their business back and survive,” said Moseley.

In addition to helping to strengthen businesses weakened by the disaster, the workshop helps and promotes entrepreneurship.

“It’s equipping them,” said Moseley.

“It’s equipping them to strengthen and to grow. And to make their business stronger.”

SBA provides federal disaster assistance — to businesses — homeowners — renters — and non-profits.

For more information call — 800-659-2955.

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