Mother of Missing Jackson Teen Asks Public for Help

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

The mother of a missing teen — is asking for help from the public — to try and find her child.

It’s now been eleven long days since 14 year old Leah Simone McDonald has been seen by her family.

Her mother says she went the park on Mother’s Day — and disappeared.

Can you imagine — not knowing where your child is? What they’re doing? Or if they’re even safe?

Well, that’s exactly what Jennifer Robinson is going through.

Wal Missingteensmom PkgHer 14 year old daughter — Leah McDonald — disappeared on Mother Day.

“It’s terrible. No mother wants to think about their child just disappearing. It’s very scary,” said Robinson.

Robinson says her family is working hard and determined to track her daughter down — and bring her back home.

“We’re all canvassing, we’re passing out flyers, we’re making phone calls, we’re on social media heavy,” she said.

“We’re reaching out to all the Missing and Exploited kid websites, we’re reaching out to Black and Missing, Crime Stoppers, we’re leaving no stone unturned.”

Robinson says Leah — could be in the Selma — Marion — or Birmingham areas.

So, she came — to ask people in the community — to be on the look out.

“Here’s just a mother crying out saying I just need help,” said Robinson. I feel like she is alive. I’m full of my faith but would love to just see if anyone could reach out with any tips. This is a young girl. This could be your sister, your daughter. I just need everyone to be a hero right now.

Investigators believe the teen may be traveling in an unknown type of white car — with a Florida of Georgia license plate.

If you have any information regarding her whereabouts, call your local police — or Crime Stoppers at (334) 215-STOP.

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