New Candidate Enters Race for Montgomery Mayor

There’s a new candidate in this year’s race for Montgomery mayor.

Marcus McNeal, a 29-year-old Montgomery native, has announced he’s running in the 2023 election.

McNeal says he’s encouraging all citizens of Montgomery to take a stand for their city and to push youth to become more involved.

A few of McNeal’s platforms are focused on reducing crime, strengthening the police force, partnering with churches and spiritual leaders and supporting neighborhood associations.

“I do believe that it is time that we call for unity and we pull clergy back in together, and we pull leadership back in together,” McNeal told WAKA 8.

“The ability to bring in the inactive to get young youth involved in local politics and work with city council in each one of their districts to make sure that progression is happening in each one of those districts.”

McNeal will face Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed, who’s hoping for a second term.

The elections for mayor and city council are August 22.


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