Deadline looms for free removal of tornado debris in Selma

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

People in Selma only have one week left to sign up to have tornado debris removed from their property — at no charge.

Property owners have to sign a Right-of-Entry form — that gives the city permission to go on to their property to remove the debris.

Wal Selmadebris0609 Fox Pkg“We really want people to take full advantage of this,” said Mayor James Perkins, Jr.

The deadline to sign up for debris removal is Friday, June 16th.

“After this is over and your property is not in compliance with city code, you will personally be responsible to getting that property in code,” said Perkins.

Perkins says people who need to fill out a Right of Entry form — can contact the city’s Planning and Development department.

“We’ll have the forms available. And you can call and we will see to someone coming out and bringing you the form,” said Henry Thompson.

“And if you need assistance in regard to filling that form out, that will be made available as well.”

The Planning and Development Department can be reached at (334) 375-3011.

Selma city officials are also hosting a tornado survivor follow up meeting — Tuesday, June 20th — from 5 to 6 pm at City Hall.

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