Non-profit repairing damaged houses in Selma

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

A small Selma non-profit is helping to make repairs at the homes of January 12th tornado victims — who can’t afford to make the repairs for themselves.

Wal Ssmanhome0622 Pkg2 The Black Belt and Central Alabama Housing Authority  currently has repair projects underway at three houses that received damage from the tornado.

“Our primary mission is housing repair for the Black Belt area of Alabama,” said Dave Fulford, Jr.

And the need for that mission grew drastically in Selma on January 12th — when a tornado ripped through the city — and left about a third of the city’s housing destroyed — or damaged. Now more than 5 months later — people are still trying to recover.

“You just go throughout the area, there are a lot that been needing help for years and years and years,” said Fulford.

But disaster assistance grants — only cover damage caused by the tornado.

Wal Ssmanhome0622 Pkg“That’s where we come in. And we do what we can.”

Fulford says the Black Belt and Central Alabama Housing Authority — fills in the gap — to try and prevent poor people from falling through the cracks. He says the non-profit is rehabbing occupied homes damaged on January 12th — that were already in need of repairs — before the tornado.

“They been living with situations that is unhealthy, is unsafe and they are at risk of hurting themselves or getting some kind of health issues. Normally, under the USDA program, you must be 62 or older. It must be your primary residence. And you meet the very low income bracket. But due to the tornado, we have been able to help people that are younger than 62. And we have funding if they have been impacted by the recent tornado, Sally or Zeta. We’re helping those people.

For more information about Black Belt and Central Alabama Housing Authority call (334) 412-6181.

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