Montgomery County School Board approves 2024 Budget

The Montgomery Board of Education met tonight to discuss and vote on their budget for next year. All seven board member voted unanimously to approve the almost $549 million dollar budget. The budget is made up of funding from federal, state, and various other revenue sources, including an Ad Valorem Tax increase that was approved by Montgomery voters in 2021.

A few of the financial challenges this year included rising construction costs, which means the district has had to put 26 of 37 building projects on hold. The Montgomery County School District has also seen a decline in the number of student who are enrolled – 5,327 students have left the school system since 2017. This reduces the amount of revenue that is allocated to the district.

Superintendent Dr. Melvin Brown says they’re also working on plans to update the outside signage for the two high schools whose names changed last year – Percy Julian was formerly Robert E. Lee and Johnson Abernathy Graetz was formerly Jefferson Davis. Superintendent Dr. Melvin Brown says some of the signage has already come off the building at both sites, and new signage will be going up probably within the next 3 weeks.

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