‘Aniah’s Law’

Law Enforcement Officials in Dallas Co. Back Aniah’s Law

From the West Alabama Newsroom– Aniah’s Law is on the ballot in the upcoming election — as Amendment One. And law enforcement officials in Dallas County are urging voters — to vote yes for the amendment on Tuesday. The state legislature passed Aniah’s Law. The governor signed it. And now it’s on the ballot for a vote of the people….

“Aniah’s Law” Could Improve Bond Controversy in Selma

From the West Alabama newsroom– Bail bonds for repeat offenders — has been an ongoing controversy in Dallas County for years. It’s a problem a new bail reform law — could improve. Aniah’s Law is a proposed constitutional amendment that would allow judges to deny bonds for people suspected of committing violent felonies like murder, rape or kidnapping. “There are…

Alabama House Approves ‘Aniah’s Law’ Named for Slain Teen

  MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) — The Alabama House of Representatives has approved bills to give judges more discretion to deny bail for people accused of violent crimes. Representatives on Tuesday approved two bills to in favor of creating Aniah’s Law, a proposal named after 19-year-old Aniah Blanchard. Blanchard was killed after being abducted from an Auburn gas station. At the…