Legacy Museum

Bryan Stevenson Previews New EJI Expansion

Alabama News Network’s Rising Anchor, David Lamb interviews the Equal Justice Initiative founder Bryan Stevenson Friday morning. In this interview, they discuss the reasoning behind expanding the Legacy Museum, new exhibits that you can expect, and the famous voices you may hear at the exhibits. The new and improved EJI grand opening is Friday, October 1, and throughout the weekend….

Legacy Museum Reopening

MONTGOMERY, Ala. – A museum that’s linked to the national lynching memorial in Montgomery is reopening for the first time since the pandemic began. The Legacy Museum is offering free admission for a limited time, but crowd sizes are being restricted and face masks are required to help prevent the Coronavirus from spreading. The lynching memorial, the museum and the…

Equal Justice Initiative Closing Montgomery Sites Because of Coronavirus

The Montgomery-based Equal Justice Initiative has announced that it will be closing the Legacy Museum, National Memorial for Peace and Justice and the Peace and Justice Memorial Center in response to the coronavirus. The closures became effective at 5 p.m. today. EJI says the sites will remain closed for the rest of the month. If you purchased tickets to visit…

Journalists from India Visit Montgomery to Learn About Civil Rights

U.S. State Department visits started in 2007

Ten journalists from India are visiting Montgomery….and they had an opportunity to meet with Jeannie Graetz, who along with her pastor husband were in the centerĀ  of the Montgomery bus boycott. Rev. Graetz’s health did not allow him to be present. But Mrs. Graetz spoke with the journalists and answered questions, and held up a photo of both of them…