Equal Justice Initiative Opens New Legacy Museum in Montgomery

The Equal Justice Initiative announced Wednesday that the new and expanded Legacy Museum will open this weekend.

EJI said admission to the Legacy Museum: From Enslavement to Mass Incarceration is free for opening weekend from October 1 through October 3.

Officials with the museum said the new location at 400 N. Court Street provides a comprehensive history of the United States with a focus on the legacy of slavery. From the Transatlantic Slave Trade and its impact on the North and coastal communities across America through the Domestic Slave Trade and Reconstruction, the museum provides detailed interactive content and compelling narratives. Lynchings, codified racial segregation, and the emergence of over-incarceration in the 20th Century is examined in-depth and brought to life through film, images, and first-person narratives inside the new exhibits.

“We believe that understanding our nation’s past is critical to finding a way forward on a range of contemporary issues. We’re proud that the Legacy Museum can play a vital role in helping people learn American history that’s often not taught and empower everyone to build healthier communities,” said Bryan Stevenson, EJI’s Executive Director.

The new Legacy Museum will be in the same building that holds EJI’s Legacy Pavilion. The new space will also house the welcome center, ticket office, gift shop and Pannie-George’s Kitchen.

For more information about the new museum, visit EJI’s website.

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