Montgomery 4th Grader Helps Cancer Patient This Christmas

A 10-year-old from Montgomery is making Christmas extra special for a young cancer patient. It will be a Christmas both young boys say they will never forget. Chase Perine, a 4th grader in Montgomery, has always had a soft spot for people battling cancer. His mom said he’s been asking for years now to help them out in some way….

Prattville Mother Loses Battle with Leukemia

Jessica Bentley, the Prattville mother who had been undergoing treatment for Leukemia and recently had a bone marrow transplant has died. We first did a story with Bentley when she was looking for bone marrow matches. She received what doctors called the “perfect match” from someone in Brazil.  Bentley underwent the bone marrow transplant in March 2017. According to her Facebook…

Roger Searching For Perfect Marrow Match

Cancer is a disease that can affect anyone at any stage in life. No one ever knows when it’s coming, and no one can ever prepare for it. Like Roger Thomas, who was diagnosed with leukemia in April of last year. Thomas was told his best option for surviving the disease would be a bone marrow transplant. Unfortunately, none of his…