Son of The South

“Son Of The South” Movie Being Filmed In Montgomery

ANN's Tim Lennox will be in it.

Alabama News Network Sr. Political Reporter Tim Lennox has been cast for a small speaking part in the movie being shot in Montgomery. The movie is based on the book “Wrong Side of Murder Creek” and it is set in 1961. Tim visited the film’s hair studio today for a cut to reflect that era. Watch tonight’s CBS 8/ABC 32…

“Son of The South” film will premier here.

Movie based on book "Wrong Side of Murder Creek"

The Director of the movie and the author of the book were both at the Alabama Book Festival today at Old Alabama Town.   Film Director Barry Brown and Author Bob Zellner at The Alabama Book Festival today. Zelner’s book “The Wrong Side of Murder Creek” is autobiographical…it tells the story of his father and grandfather, both members of the…