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Alabama AG Attends Lavish Retreat in South Carolina

Inside a lavish retreat where lobbyists donate for access to state attorneys general

A CBS News investigation reveals several Republican attorneys general attended a lavish retreat in South Carolina.  Among those seen attending the retreat was Alabama Attorney General Steven Marshall.  The report cites that several lobbyists shelled out $125,000 to also attend the four day event.  Many of these lobbyists represent companies with cases before some of the attorneys general. For a…

Alabama AG Joins Legal Effort to Enforce Order Against Sanctuary Cities


Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshal has joined a coalition of state attorney’s general to support the president’s executive order against sanctuary cities. The following is the press release from the Attorney General’s office:               (MONTGOMERY)—Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall joined a coalition of 11 state attorneys general in an amicus brief to support President Donald Trump’s executive order regarding…