Effort Underway in Selma to Use Sports to Help Reduce Crime

From the West Alabama newsroom— There’s an effort is underway in Selma to use sports — as a way to help stop the violence in the city. Goals have gone up — and lines are going down — at a new outdoor basketball court in Selma. Selma attorney and activist Faya Rose Toure said North Star Beloved Community Organization is…

Praying for an End to Violence

Small Noon Gathering in Montgomery.

Pastor Chauncey Ballard invited member of his Cottage Hills Agape Missionary Baptist Church to meet in prayer this Good Friday, praying for an end to street violence. The small group prayed fervently, expressing confidence it will help end street violence in Montgomery. Categories: Montgomery Metro, Statewide Tags: Agape Missionary Baptist Church, Good Friday, Pastor Chauncey Ballard, prayer gathering, violence

Domestic Violence Help Available in Montgomery

There were two shootings less than 24 hours apart in Montgomery this week, and both of them were the result of domestic violence. In the wake of these two crimes we sat down with Tay Knight, Executive Director of Family Sunshine Center. The organization has services available for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and family violence. She says that…

Getting Help For Domestic Abuse

The two recent tragic events in Redland and Tallassee have shined a spotlight on domestic violence. Sheriff’s officials say a mother in the Redland community had filed for divorce from her husband, when he shot and killed her and one of their daughters before setting their house on fire and killing himself. Last month in a case in Tallassee, a…