Greenville Officer Named APOA Third Vice President

SAL LOVVORN PICThird Vice President might not sound like a prestigious title, but for one Greenville officer it’s a chance to impact law enforcement across the state.

Greenville Chief Investigator Justin Lovvorn was recently elected as the Third Vice President for the Alabama Peace Officers Association. APOA holds only one election a year, for the Third VP position. The Third VP moves to Second VP, then Second to Vice President, then on to APOA President.

This position ensures Lovvorn will be President of the association in four years.

“It’s something that, I’m proud to be a part of and be elected to,” says Lovvorn. “I think it’s a very good thing for this community, for our police department. And at some point in the near future it’s going to help to give us a stronger voice throughout the state.”

Lovvorn is not the only Greenville officer to be elected. Chief Lonzo Ingram was APOA President in 1999-2000.

“When he came and talked to me about running for that position, I was very excited about it,” Ingram remembers. “I was glad he chose to do that. And I was certainly glad he got elected!”

SAL LOVVORN PIC2The main mission of APOA is to improve law enforcement in general. APOA can improve training techniques, laws that impact officers, and even the hiring process. Lovvorn’s main mission as he moves through the ranks to become President will be improving the relationship between police and the public.

“I adamantly believe that the communication with the community in general is very important,” he says. “And I’d like to keep that line of communication open. I don’t believe we’re here to be closed off and just be here for law enforcement to do that job. We’re here to make sure law enforcement improves. And the way to do that is listen to the community.”

Lovvorn was also a District Vice President, or local APOA representative. No officer can hold two positions at once, so Lovvorn’s replacement for District VP will be nominated and elected at the next board meeting. To learn more about APOA and who your District Representatives are, click here.

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