Alabama 4th & 8th Grade Science Test.

Flat results, but nearby states climb.


Grades on a national science test taken by Alabama 4th and 8th graders have been uniformly poor since 2008…..yet the grades of students in all of the states surrounding Alabama have improved significantly. The “Nation’s Report Card” is issued by the National Center for Education Statistics..

A news release announcing the results praises one of Alabama’s border states for its improvement:

Tennessee stands out as a state that showed large score gains at grades four and eight and narrowed score gaps between black and white fourth-graders from 2009 to 2015, and its students are outperforming the nation (public schools) at grades four and eight.

“We’ve set high expectations across the board for our students in Tennessee, and our NAEP performance continues to reflect the hard work and progress our students and teachers are making,” said Candice McQueen, Tennessee commissioner of education. “To me, the most encouraging part of today’s science results is that all of Tennessee’s students are showing what is possible. We’ve narrowed or eliminated gaps between groups of students, and we are continuing to make huge strides in where we have been historically to build a new future for our children.”


The darkest shaded States saw significant improvement.


The new report comes just a few days after Alabama’s new State School Superintendent said we are confronting a K-12 math crisis.

See the results for Alabama and other states HERE.



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