Siegelman Watched Siegelman Documentary

Former Governor says there are lessons.

Several hundred people watched a documentary about former Governor Don Siegelman today, inclulding Seigelman himself.
The documentary is titled Atticus v. The Architect. The Atticus reference is the first name of the lawyer in “To Kill A Mockingbird”. The “Architect” refers to Republican operative Karl Rove.
Siegelman says he wants people to learn one lesson:
“It’s important to look at this documentary not as about Don Siegelman but about preserving and protecting our democracy.”
Siegelman was released from prison early on good behavior.
Many long-time supporters of the former governor were at the theater.
“if there is a purpose in every situation, i know what my purpose is and that is to try to set wrongs to rights so that these kinds of things are less likely to happen to other people.”

The capri theater in Montgomery backed out of showing the documentary this past summer because former Siegelman prosecutor Leura Canary sits on The Capri board of directors.
Gerald Chestnut was among those in the audience:

“Today was totally shocking for me and let me just tell you, the impression that it left me with is one of complete demoralization with regard to the justice system, the department of justice and our courts. Most of the things I knew already. my father, the late great J.O Chestnut Jr. was very close friends with don and he had told me most of these things.”

Former Governor Siegelman signs autographs at the screening of the documentary about his prosecution and jailing.

Siegelman said he was touched by the outpouring of support from people who want to know the truth:
“It was heartwarming for me to see so many of my old friends and to have them tell me of the prayers and their wishes and their thoughts for me and my family as i went through this process.”
The Capri Theater showing was canceled because the board of directors decided it defamed former Siegelman federal prosecutor Leura Canary, who sits on The Capri board.

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