Butler County Preparing for Severe Weather Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday

Butler County is among the state's counties opting to participate and they're working hard to make sure residents are severe weather-ready

Butler County Emergency Management Agency Director Kris Ware knows how quickly Mother Nature can strike in Butler County.

“We’ve had a hurricane threat, we’ve had tornadoes in the northern part, we’ve had snow and ice, and we’ve had strong winds,” said Ware.

That’s why she’s encouraging residents to take advantage of the upcoming Severe Weather Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday.

From February 23rd through the 25th, shoppers can stock up tax free on supplies costing less than $60 to prepare for a natural disaster.

“We know every year during the severe weather months that we will have tornadoes,” said Ware.

Greenville and Butler County businesses will participate. Shoppers can expect to save on items like batteries, first-aid kits, cell phone chargers and much more.

“Duct tape, that was unique and of course, the tarps are on the list and artificial and blue ice is on there,” Ware said.

The Butler County Commission approved a resolution allowing items to be purchased free of the state’s four-percent sales tax.

“I hope that encourages us to get prepared cause who knows when storms are coming and who knows when disasters are coming and by this we’ll ready and more able to handle those things when they come,” saidĀ Allin Whittle, Chairman of the Butler County Commission.

“Thanks to our commissioners in this county they have chosen to participate in something that’s very important for the protection of the citizens of this county,” Ware said.

Ware says there is never a better time to get prepared.

“Taxes might be only a few dollars but it’s a few dollars that you’re saving and look what you’re getting, it’s going to protect you in the long run,” she said.

Ware also says she’ll be out in Greenville programming weather radios for the community during the sales tax holiday weekend.

Both the city of Montgomery and Montgomery County will also participate in the Severe Weather Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday next month.

You can find a complete list of all Alabama participating cities and counties, plusĀ a complete list of over 30 tax-free items available here:



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