AG Marshall Talks to Hospital Staff About Opioid Crisis

The ongoing fight against the opioid crisis in Alabama continues tonight.  Now, Attorney General Steve Marshall is taking the fight to the front lines to see the problem first hand.

The opioid crisis is often described through statistics and studies and few people see it firsthand like nurses and doctors.


Amanda Hannon with the Elmore Community Hospital says it’s a problem that is evolving.  The hospital’s chemical Detox unit has been around for over 10 years.

“We are able to house 20 chemical dependency patients at this facility and we run at full capacity most of the time,” she explained.

Attorney General Steve Marshall spoke to the hospital staff to remind them the big role they play in this fight.  He says they are not only caring for patients but also teaching them about the problem.

“Educating patients about the safe use of opioids, about the potential dangers,” Marshall shared.

Marshall is also encouraging schools to educate students about the crisis.  Elmore County Public Schools is scheduling assemblies to address the problem.

“Our goal would be to reach out to middle school students, educate them, so that they recognize some of the pitfalls but also recognize issues that are related to drugs in general,” Superintendent Richard Dennis shared.


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