Selma Residents React to Ambush of Police

An ambush on 2 Selma Police officers has residents and Selma Police Chief Spencer Collier outraged.

Collier says around eight shots were fired at those officers at George Washington Carver Homes. People living in Selma say they are just as frustrated as authorities.
The officers that were shot at were not injured. However, this is not the first time an ambush has happened at the housing complex. Chief Collier says, the people responsible hide behind units to fire. In the past, collier says ambushes have been set up by suspects to get officers off of traffic stops. People we spoke with say they fear for their family’s safety during these shootings.
“You know they’ve got to send a message to them-I mean a hard message. Not just a pat on the hand you know. They make bond they get out. Same person doing the same thing. We’ve got to make it a little harder for them,” says James Craig.
“We know that this problem is systemic. It’s not just because of people deciding to be violent. I think a lot of these people are just products of their environment and until we change the environment I think these things will keep happening,” says Columbus Mitchell.
“For officers safety purposes we have to treat everyone like they’re dangerous. Do you think that the citizens that are living here have to deal with it when it happens-anyone we encounter we’re having to put on the ground. I mean-we carry long guns, carry rifles and unfortunately we have to treat it that way,” says Collier.
As of right now, no arrests have been made in the incident.
Authorities say if you are caught firing at officers, you could be charged with attempted murder of a police officer.
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