New Alabama Hardship Driver’s License Law Now in Effect

There is hope for thousands of Alabamians who have had their drivers licenses suspended because they’re unable to pay a fine. They could get behind the wheel again thanks to Alabama’s new hardship drivers license law.

“They will be able to drive to work to school to medical appointments, to civic appointments or civic organization events as well as you know to go out and vote or if they need to do household chores or things of that nature,” says Captain Jon Archer of the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency.

Archer says anyone with a suspended license can apply.

“It’s just depends- it’s a case by case basis we look at their record and we’ll have people review that and there will be decisions made if they are eligible for the program,” says Archer.

But there are other restrictions.

“If you do get a hardship drivers license you can only operate in Alabama. You won’t be able to drive out of state,” says Archer.

There is no eligibility if driving under the influence is on your record.  Archer says the new law is also beneficial for people who are leaving the Department of Corrections.

“They’re leaving the Department of Corrections facility and their driving history before they went in is still there and all of those issues. This will give them the opportunity to start their life to hopefully start anew and clean up their record,” says Archer.

Once a hardship drivers license is handed over, drivers not only have to make sure they’re careful on the road…But also making progress to have a clean license.

“Every hardship license will be reviewed annually and the individual that has the license has to show that they are making effort to clear up their driving record,” says Archer.

Another major requirement of the law is driver have to have had a license in Alabama before an infraction.

To learn more about Alabama’s new hardship driver’s license law click here. 

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