Selma Artists Splash Color Downtown with Murals

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

A pair of Selma artists have recently finished up a couple of projects — that have added a splash of color to downtown Selma.

Artists Devon Gray and Ashley Mason have created the city’s first-ever Instagram mural.

The artists say the mural is a place where people can go and take pictures on their cell phone to post on social media.

“We wanted something that would not be polarizing. We wanted something that would be inviting to everybody so we wanted bright colors to attract people to come and get out of their cars and take a picture in front of it,” said Mason.

It’s located on the side of the Gallery 905 building on Church Street.

“I saw it as a chance to love on Selma and give other people a chance to see Selma. And so that is going to be our hashtag — “See Selma.” So, I really wanted to give people a reason to stop and look at our town.”

Mason also designed the “Always Home” mural on the barricade near the Arts Revive building.

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