Peach Season Arrives in Chilton County

Peach season is in full swing in Alabama, with the peak of the season just around the corner in mid-June.  Growers of the famous peaches in Chilton County took a little bit of a hit from late-spring cold snaps, but it wasn’t enough for any major impacts.

At Durbin Farms in Clanton, workers say  the only effects may be the size of the peaches, due to the lack of rain in the past couple of weeks, but they are plenty sweet with all the sunshine, which affects the sugar content.

All in all they’re are predicting another great year.

“Our growers did what they could do and they went out and unloaded tons of water, just irrigating the fields and in a sense, just trying to pump up the size a little bit because even right now, we don’t have the size for 4 quarts, but we’ve just been trying to help anyway we can to get a little bigger size of peaches,” Colby Jones, manager at Durbin Farms in Clanton, told Alabama News Network.

According to the Alabama Farmers Federation, Chilton County produces more than 70% of the state’s peaches. That crop generates more than $6 million in sales.

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