chilton county peaches

Community Recognizes Peach Farmers In Annual Chilton County Peach Week

This week the Chilton County community is recognizing peach farmers in the annual Peach Festival for the role they play in the economy of Chilton County. 

June marks some of the season’s best peaches. However, for what may be a fresh snack for many, is a years worth of hard work for Peach Park owner Mark Gray. 

Peach Season Arrives in Chilton County

Peach season is in full swing in Alabama, with the peak of the season just around the corner in mid-June.  Growers of the famous peaches in Chilton County took a little bit of a hit from late-spring cold snaps, but it wasn’t enough for any major impacts. At Durbin Farms in Clanton, workers say  the only effects may be the size…

Your Town Friday: Chilton County Peach Fest Preview

Chilton County Peach farmer Kenneth Easterling says that peaches aren’t the only thing that make Clanton stand out, but its by far the most well known. He describes Clanton as “a good place to visit a better place to live”. He also says “I go around selling peaches from different locations, and you’ll be surprised how many times I hear…