Keeping Your Kids Safe in School Zones

A new school year also brings an increase in traffic.

Pike County officials are warning drivers to obey all traffic laws.

“Let’s really get this year started on the right foot,” Lieutenant Bryan Weed of the Troy Police Department says.

Ready or not, schools are back in session.
That means more early morning and afternoon traffic on the roadways.

The Troy Police Department wants you to be cautious when entering school zones.

“The biggest thing is just being patient, with everybody and giving yourself plenty of time,” Weed says. “Normally, it takes a couple of weeks for everything to kinda get in order and everybody getting back into the swing of things,” Weed says.

Weed says drivers should be courteous of officers directing traffic.
School resource officers will also be assisting students to where they need to go.

“Our school resource officers do a really good job of trying to get the kids from their vehicles, get them in the schools, their out monitoring in drop off and pick up areas and trying to make it as safe of an environment as they can,” Weed says.

Simple things like putting down cell phones can go a long way in keeping your distractions to a minimum.

“Because you have a lot of kids also that are walking on the side of the roads, just put everything aside and pay attention to what’s going on,” Weed says.

Alabama law forbids drivers from passing a stopped school bus when meeting or following on a two lane road or four to six lane undivided highway.
When you see the stop sign out, that means stop your vehicle.

“Folks really need to pay attention to their surroundings and whats going on so we don’t have any accidents,” Weed says.

Pike County Schools, including Banks Primary and Goshen, began today.
Troy City Schools begin Thursday.

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