Troy University Chancellor Hawkins Celebrates 30 Years

A major milestone for Troy University– the school is celebrating its Chancellor’s 30th anniversary. Dr. Jack Hawkins, Jr, is one of the longest serving heads of any public university in the country.

Hawkins joined the Trojans family when he was 44 years old. A lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps, he served during the Vietnam War. Hawkins explains the university’s commitment to the armed forces was a driving force that helped make his decision to be a part of the school.

“It was in part of what attracted me and my family here,” Hawkins said. “Our service in the military and the service to the military.”

Hawkins says there have been accomplishments, challenges and changes during his thirty year tenure.

“We were international in a limited way but we really hadn’t penetrated the state of Alabama in our campuses here,” Hawkins said.

Hawkins’ global commitment is evident: Troy is now considered Alabama’s International University. Almost 80 countries are represented on campus.
As for athletes, the department transitioned from a Division II to a Division I program. Hawkins has seen many changes in technology.

“Technology was a manual typewriter, and today communications are instant,” Hawkins said.

During those three decades, the Troy campus has seen $350 million dollars in
capital investments under Hawkins’ leadership– including new buildings, programs, and other projects. But Hawkins says his main focus is the students.

“That drives all of our decisions: the kinds of buildings we build, the technology we invest in, how we spend our money. you know, everything that we do needs to be focused on that student,” Hawkins said.

Hawkins contract was renewed last year, which means he will continue to be
the Troy University Chancellor through September 2022.

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