Alabama Lions Sight Mobile Eye Clinic Serving Rural Counties

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

The Alabama Lions Sight Mobile Eye Clinic travels the state giving eye exams — and provided glasses to people at low to no cost. It rolled through Selma Monday.

The clinic visits about 25 to 30 different sites in rural Alabama — providing eye care to people who need it.

“Our mission really is to bring eye care to people who would otherwise lack access. So, people who don’t have insurance or people who live far out in the country, maybe have a hard time getting their eyes checked.

Optometrist Dr. Kent Daum is also the program’s director.

“Every day we see people who haven’t had their eyes checked ever. We saw two people today — never had their eyes checked. One was 65, the other one was 55,” he said.

Daum says the mobile eye clinic is equipped with the latest technology — to provide patients with a thorough eye exam.

“We have all the stuff in this bus that you would have in a regular office building — automated equipment and all kinds of stuff.”

Daum says good vision is a critical element in the quality of life of a person.

“It’s important for safety, it’s important for productivity, whether you’re writing or working. We enjoy being able to see, whether it’s TV or sports or reading or anything like that. So vision is just a critical element of all of our lives.”

Daum says the mobile eye clinic has served about 6000 people since it began four years ago.

For more information about the program — call (205) 703-6069.

For appointments — call (334) 418-8800.

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