Tallassee Woman Using Billboards to Find Kidney Donor

There are more than 1300 Alabamians on a waiting list who are in need of a kidney transplant. A Tallassee mother on that list is reaching out to the public to search for a donor. Her name is Melinda Lauderdale.

“I got sick over a period of time, went to the kidney doctor and my creatnine level was at a 17 at the time. So, she told she wasn’t going to put me on dialysis at that time,” Lauderdale explained.

It wasn’t long before Lauderdale had to undergo an emergency surgery. She says finding out she had a kidney disease was a complete shock..

“I was depressed, cried a lot. It was emotional,” Lauderdale said.

The mother of five children says she now goes through several hours of dialysis each week.

“It started three times a week, for 4 hours. But now I’m in training to do home dialysis. So I’m doing 4 times a week, for like 2 1/2 to 3 hours,” Lauderdale said.

Her story reached the Average Joe Advocacy, a Birmingham-based organization that helps people looking for donors..
Her story also reached Verna Johnson, who recently received a kidney donation.

“I’m here now, doing well, advocating for other kidney warriors out there,” Johnson said.

Johnson credits Facebook and billboards put up along heavily-traveled roads–for saving her life.

“It shouts it out loud in bold colors, bold letters, gets your picture. Let’s everybody know, so many thousands of commuters, in Montgomery, out of Montgomery, all over,” Johnson said.

Lauderdale now has several billboards in Montgomery and Birmingham.

“I hope somebody sees it and hopefully it will help me get a kidney,” Lauderdale said.

She’s hoping someone, somewhere will see them and reach out.

“If God did it for me, he can do it for you. Just never give up,” Johnson told Lauderdale.

If you are interested in more information about how you can help become a donor, click here.

If you’re interested in testing to see if you are a kidney match for Lauderdale, you can call UAB Medical Center in Birmingham at 1-888-822-7892.

To learn more about Melinda Needs a Kidney campaign, click here.

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