Annual Police Chiefs Conference Returns to Capital City

Police chiefs from across the state are in the Capital City, learning about the latest technology and training to better protect themselves and you.

It’s all part of the Alabama Association of Chiefs of Police’s Winter Conference and Expo.

It uses training, leadership courses, and networking to give law enforcement police chiefs something extra to take back to their communities.

Jesse Bell is a new police chief in Alabama. He has been promoted as the head of the Midfield Police Department.

“I’m just coming to check everything out, get the training that they provide, learn,” Bell said.

Bell is joining other law enforcement officers at the Renaissance for the annual expo.
The expo includes vendors from across the nation that build technology used to keep law enforcement officers— and the public— safe.

“So the police chiefs and executives that can come through here and see what the latest and greatest is on the market,” AACOP President Bill Partridge said.

From street signs to the latest body style of police vehicles- and body cameras- there’s something to meet department needs.

“It comes nowadays to where police officers just to protect themselves and the suspects as well so everyone can see whats going on,” Regional Manager Roman Colburn of Pro-Vision said.

“Even the smaller departments use our simulator to train on when to shoot, when not to shoot. And then also with outdoor ranges,” Heath Shaw of Meggitt Training Systems said.

With seven Alabama law enforcement officers killed in 2019— and one so far in 2020- Bell says his main focus is learning as much as he can to better serve his department and community.

“The biggest thing is getting the information and going back to our respective communities and implementing stuff to engage in the community,” Bell said.

The expo ends this Thursday.

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