New Polling Sites and More – What Montgomery Voters Need to Know Before Super Tuesday

Ahead of Super Tuesday, Montgomery County Probate Judge J.C. Love lists some of the “upgrades” that should make casting your vote a lot quicker on March 3rd.

“One of the things that we’ve done is incorporated the poll pads” he explained.  The county, started using new “poll pads”, in 2018, which has cut down on wait times and hopefully confusion at your polling site. “You’ll hand the poll worker your i.d. … and they’ll be able to pull you up in a matter of seconds”.

The new system also means voters no longer have to stand in alphabetical lines; you’ll be able to simply wait in the shortest line instead.  If you show up to vote at the wrong precinct, officials can now print the correct information to point you to your proper polling site.

Last August, the results of Montgomery’s municipal elections were delayed for an hour and a half, after ballots in two districts had to be recounted.
On Super Tuesday, the probate judge says more officials will be overseeing a smaller area. “We had 6 deputies trying to cover 49 police precincts” Love explained , “now we’ve got 24 sheriff’s deputies that are going to be able to responsible for 2 precincts so we’ll be able to have the results back as quickly as possible”.

Love also gave this reminder for Montgomery voters: , if you used to cast your vote in a school,  your polling site may have changed since the last time you were at the polls.

For example, as of last November,  Flowers Elementary School is no longer a polling site.  Voters now head to nearby Eastern Hills Baptist Church.
Last year, officials started the push to move almost all voting locations out of schools due to safety concerns for students and staff.

“Out of the seven (schools) that we’ve had, we’ve had five that we moved so far, we still have Georgia Washington out in Pike Road, in Catoma and we hope to go ahead and have new facilities for them by November”.

If you think your polling site might have changed, you can double-check here.


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