U.S. Senate Race Heating up before Upcoming Run-Off

President Donald Trump offered his “complete and total endorsement” in a pair of tweets directed at U.S. Senate Candidate Tommy Tuberville Tuesday.

The president’s apparent snub to Tuberville’s opponent and Trump’s former U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, comes just three weeks before the GOP run-off election.

Sessions did not take the snub quietly, and tweeted back at the president saying:

In two separate interviews with Alabama News Network, both candidates discussed the message they are sharing with voters as they make their final push for a spot on the ballot to challenge democrat Doug Jones.

Much of Sessions’ campaign is centered around his long-time experience in the nation’s capitol, having formerly held the Senate seat he’s hoping to win back for more than 20 years before he was appointed as U.S. Attorney General.

Tuberville has campaigned as an outsider who promises to take new and fresh ideas to Washington D.C., and believes his long-time coaching career, and leadership will translate well in the Senate.

Both candidates, are clinging closely to President Trump’s agenda as they make their case to voters, though both have questioned his opponents willingness to carry out some campaign promises.

One thing both agree on however, is that it is up to voters to make the ultimate decision on March 31. The winner of the run-off will challenge democrat Doug Jones for Alabama’s senate seat in the general election on November 3.






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