What the Tech? App of the Day: Headspace

As a majority of Americans are finishing up their first full week of working from home or at least differently, stress and anxiety levels are at a high point.

You cannot avoid news of COVID-19 and the Coronavirus, if you play the stock market the news has been bad for the past several weeks, and the kids are home and probably bored right now. Stress, anxiety, worry,  concern are all around.

Even when you try to meditate it’s difficult to free your mind with what’s happening around you. Guided meditation may help.

Headspace is a mobile app for the iPhone and Android devices that offers guided meditation sessions led by calming voices. Choose a topic or session, press play and just follow the directions of your guide.

The app is popular with people who use guided meditation and it’s been an editor’s choice of Google Play and Apple app curators several times.

The company just added sessions on stress, anxiety, and panic to help people with the Coronavirus global crisis. Users of the free version of the app can listen to those sessions along with a couple more to help you sleep.

The app is free but Headspace offers a subscription with dozens of other sessions and workshops. Right now there is a free 14-day trial (long enough for a two-week home quarantine) but be aware, if you do not cancel the subscription before it ends, actually a day before it ends, you’ll be charged the full price of a yearly subscription, currently $69.99.

If you’ve never tried guided meditation, Headspace is a great way to start and we can all use a bit of peace right about now.

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