Medical Breakthroughs: Infectious College Students +Poor Diet in Obese+NYC COVID Cases Children+

A new study in the journal ‘health systems’ finds British college students who went home for the holidays may have led to more than 9 thousand new infections of COVID-19 across the UK. On average, researchers estimate an infected student passed the illness on to just one other household member.

Having a poor diet, rather than less physical activity, may best explain the childhood obesity crisis. that’s according to researchers at Baylor University who found South American children, who consumed higher calorie, processed foods, averaged 65% more body fat than their rural counterparts who ate more naturally.

A report published in the journal “heart rhythm” examines hospitals hit-hard by the coronavirus in New York City. In neighborhoods overwhelmed with COVID-19 cases researchers found sudden deaths outside the hospital, from conditions like cardiac arrest, also increased. Experts say it’s unclear if those deaths were related to the virus or limited access to care during the surge.



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