Senator McClendon Creates a New Lottery Bill

Will state lawmakers take a gamble on a new lottery bill after the Senate rejected a measure this week?
Now another senator is offering up a proposal he hopes will pay off.

A new lottery bill is being introduced in the senate. Despite Senator Del Marsh’s Bill not being passed on Tuesday, the Alabama legislature is not giving up on possibly bringing a lottery to Alabama this year. Senator Jim McClendon Proposed a bill that exclusively aims to establish an Alabama lottery.

“They want to buy a lottery ticket. It’s pretty dang simple so that’s what I’m offering for them. So I feel like this matches the polling data that we have 78% of the people in Alabama have said we want the right to vote, and that’s what I’m offering is a constitutional amendment that goes to the public if the public likes it they will vote for it. If they don’t like it they’ll kill it.”- Senator Jim McClendon.

McClendon says that the bill will be for all types of lottery, paper or electronic and does not have anything to do with casinos or other types of gambling.

Senator McClendon is optimistic that he will have more support for his bill since it is just for a lottery and not to bring casinos to Alabama.

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