Pay It Forward: Nick Rankins of Montgomery

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Nick Rankins is a mentor, a teacher, a coach, and role model. He founded an organization that includes a community garden where he’s not only growing good food, but growing boys into good men.

“We try to catch them young and bring them up through the program. Putting them around positive role models. One of the things is, younger guys see the older guys. They can see them grow up and they grow up and they come back and can be peer mentors,” said Rankins.

It’s called “Young Men on a Mission.”
Nick Rankins founded the mentoring organization for 3rd through 12th grade. It’s based on 4 points:
Family, Education, Social Activities, and Community Service.
They’ve built a garden known as the historic Nixon-Times Community Garden to help give back to the community.
And he’s sowing two important values into the lives of the young men in the meantime.

“That’s the key to just teach them how to be a leader. Teach them responsibility because once they grow up, those are two major things once you become an adult,” said Rankins.

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