Ministry About People Is Re-Directing Children’s Lives in Montgomery With Their Summer Program

Ministry About People is an organization dedicated to cutting down some of the violence in the community by influencing the lives of others. They have a summer program for children of all ages that helps them stay out of the streets and gives them a new perspective on life.

“Some children in this city live through some hard things, all of them are not bad, all of them are not criminals, some of them just happen to be in that environment, and we feel like if we could change places, put them in a different place, we’ll get a different result.” -Pastor Ken Austin

The summer program invites all children to attend, gives them extra teachings in math science and reading, provides transportation and a hot meal, it is also a safe space for the children to keep them from violence and crime.

“so in this place were they come in they are structured, they are told what they can and cannot do, and they receive that and accept that, and literally every time they are here, they want to stay longer. They want to know if they can even spend the night.”- Austin

The M.A.P. organization is also dedicated to helping adults as well… They will be implementing a program in the fall that will help those who are stuck in dead end jobs or who may have trouble finding what they want to do in life…

“We believe that every person has a direction has a plan and a purpose from above, and if we can help them find that purpose, we can help them realize who they really are. We wont have killing, we won’t have crime, we wont have any of those things because they realize that they are so much better than that.”- Austin

Ministry About People is open to volunteers for their summer program, Pastor Austin tells me that while donations to the organization will help, what they really need is people who will be dedicated to making a better life for the children.

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