Effort to Light Historic Edmund Pettus Bridge Continues in Selma

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

A project to light the historic Edmund Pettus Bridge — continues to move closer to becoming a reality.

The effort was slowed by the COVID-19 pandemic — but now it’s back on track — and regaining momentum.

The historic Edmund Pettus Bridge draws tens of thousands tourists each year. They take selfies — and walk across the iconic bridge — then leave.

Wal Lightbridgefolo PkgSelma Bridge Lights — is an organization looking to change that by giving tourists who visit the city — a reason to stay overnight.

“The bridge has never been lit appropriately at night before. So, most of the people that come to Selma to see the bridge come in the day time,” said Michial Lewis.

“This will open up the opportunity for people to come and see the bridge beautifully lit at night time.”

The group has continued to work on the design process — and with AL-DOT and the State Department of Tourism about the project. It has also completed an environmental impact study for the project.

“All those things have been accomplished. We’ve made great progress,” said Lewis.

The historic St. James Hotel sits on the banks of the Alabama River — about a block away from the bridge on Water Avenue.

Scott Brown and his wife Sue — often stay at the hotel when they visit Selma — because they enjoy the scenic view of the river from the patio of their room.

It’s a view Brown says will be even more spectacular — once the bridge gets lit up.

“We’re really looking forward to seeing the river bridge, Pettus Bridge, lit up. We think that’ll be a great added attraction for Selma,” Brown said.

Jennifer Causebaum is the General Manager  at the St. James.

“We’re right over the bridge. That makes it a great place. We have seating outside on our balconies that you can just sit have a drink and enjoy. So we’re excited,” she said.

“It’s something that’s going to bring a lot of national and international attention to Selma,” said Lewis.

“And increase tourism — and have an impact on our local economy.”

Lewis says the next step in the process — is for AL-DOT to approve the final design — and issue a permit to install of the lighting system.

Selma Bridge Lights — is now raising money — to hire a contractor to install the lighting system.

The group has a Facebook page at www.facebook.comm/groups/519604822390054/

If you like to be a part of helping to light up the historic Edmund Pettus Bridge — you can call Mike Lewis at (205) 401-8500.

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