City of Millbrook Hosts Groundbreaking Event for New Senior Center

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The City of Millbrook hosted a groundbreaking event where they announced the plans for a 5,500 square foot senior center. This will be the city’s first building solely dedicated for use by the senior community.

Millbrook Mayor Kelley and the Millbrook City Council, along with Senator Clyde Chambliss, ADECA Deputy Director Elaine Fincannon, Commissioner Jean Brown (AL Department of Senior Services), and other dignitaries and representatives worked together to set up the plans for the newest addition to their city. The senior center will be equipped with classrooms, quiet rooms, and a 100 foot long front porch.

The Landmark Engineering project manager for the City of Millbrook, Stewart Peters, had this to say at the groundbreaking event, “Its been a team effort. I appreciate being a part of it. We’re gonna get started here in the next week or two, Danny, and then we’re looking at hopefully about 8 to 9 months. So, we’re looking at April of 2022, so we’re all excited and we appreciate it, the city, council, dignitaries, city departments, every bodies excited for the new senior center. We appreciate your patience and we’re looking forward to the project starting.”

The total cost of the project will be approximately $1.1 million and supported by a $250,000 community development block grant from the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs, Community Enhancement Fund.

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