Rep. Patrice ‘Penni’ McClammy Sworn In for Alabama State House District 76

A joyous occasion, is how now Rep. Patrice ‘Penni’ McClammy described being sworn in.

McClammy was sworn in as the new representative of Alabama State House District 76 by the Honorable Judge Charles Price (retired).

The position became vacant after McClammy’s father, Alabama Rep. Thad McClammy, passed away from natural causes in August of this year.

“I would be remiss if I didn’t think of my father on this day,” said McClammy after being sworn in.

Once sworn in, McClammy talked about the bills she plans to pre-file. She plans on pre-filing a bill to delete the sales tax on groceries and on prescription medication.

“I want [residents] to know that I am here,” said McClammy, “I am already sworn in as we did today,and I am ready to work. So whatever it is, that all constituents in district 76 need, I know I represent the district 76, but I am also the mouth piece for all of the residents in the state of Alabama.”

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