Councilman Mitchell Revokes Business License From Ravenwood Apartment Complex

Ravenwood apartment complex has been a growing place of concern for crime including shootings and homicides. Now Councilman Mitchell has taken action against the complex hoping that they will make some major changes. For the past two years councilman Mitchell has been keeping an eye on a number of apartment complexes in his district. 6 months ago he took action to get these complexes to provide a safer environment for their tenants.

Ravenwood apartment complex was not showing any type of improvement so the councilor revoked their business license in order to get the complex to make the necessary changes.

“I am having an open conversation with the owners of the property and that’s what I always wanted. i don’t want to see any businesses coming into the city of Montgomery not being able to operate, but my biggest concern is the residents that stay out here. so your talking about 300 people that I don’t want to have them displaced.”- Oronde Mitchell

Councilman Mitchell says he his now seeing improvement with the complex. He says they have until the next city council meeting to have a plan of improvement and make the security changes so they can get their business license reinstated.

If you have any issues with the apartment complex that you are staying in, you can reach out to the city council or call 311.

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