Alabama Sheriff’s Association Speaks Out About Gun Legislation

The Constitutional Carry Legislation has led to controversy among state law enforcement and state legislators. Gun violence in Alabama is a constant concern for law enforcement, with Montgomery alone having 69 reported gun related homicides in 20-21, the Alabama Sheriff’s Association spoke out Tuesday against the ‘permit-less carry’ legislation that lawmakers are set to vote on this session.

Sheriffs from many counties across the state gathered on the steps of the statehouse to voice frustrations surrounding the bill in this year’s regular session. Many of them concerned about the increasing crime rates in their counties and the potential for the gun violence to increase despite efforts to minimize it. Alongside the sheriffs were also police chiefs and the organization ‘Moms Demand Action’ all asking the same thing; that legislators do not pass the constitutional carry legislation.

Both the House and Senate have committee meetings Wednesday morning to discuss the bills. The Senate meeting at 8:30 am and the House meeting at 9 am.

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