Violence Prevention Hosts First Roundtable at McIntyre Community Center

Parents, activists and community leaders spoke out today about the overwhelming violence that is affecting the city of Montgomery. The violence prevention program held its first roundtable at the McIntyre Community Center, giving the community a chance to talk about violence issues that concern them.

Gun violence, domestic violence and even violence in the schools, are just some of the topics Montgomery residents brought to the roundtable talk. They even discussed the constitutional carry legislation and how they think it may do more harm in the city.

Keith Moore, who is the Director of the Violence Prevention Program says he was moved by the amount of passion the community brought to the roundtable.

“I heard such um such passion to resolve the issues and to begin to work in these different areas that affect individual’s lives. The passion was probably the most important thing that I heard, and its so great to hear the community buy in on the front of this because there weren’t just problems presented, there was legitimate solutions that were put forth tonight and that was the beauty of it all.” -Keith Moore

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