7-Year-Old Girl in Pike Road Calls 911 and Saves Mother’s Life

Seven year old Egypt Henry is more than brave. She’s a hero.

One a day in September 2021, Henry’s mother, Emaszhai Henry, felt weak and ill to the point where she wasn’t able to walk or even talk to get help at their home in Pike Road.

“It felt like someone was taking gallons of air from my lungs,.” said Henry.

When she tried to walk to a neighbors house, she suddenly collapsed… leaving Egypt and her toddler sister in panic.

“My sister, she was crying and kept patting my mom on her stomach and I didn’t know what to do,” said Egypt, “and I just didn’t really know and I was very scared.”

Egypt was able to run and call 911 and let the dispatcher know their home address and what happened to her mom.


Henry later found out she had COVID-19 and was experiencing rare symptoms.

And when she finally was checked out of the hospital, she was able to thank her daughter who saved her life.

“I’m so proud of her for in that moment, most kids and, even adults can be frozen,” said Henry, “I’m very grateful she was there to save me.”

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